"Brazilian style"

It has been more than a week since I arrived to Sao Miguel de Gostoso in Brazil. Purpose? New video project with Steven Van Broeckhoven and sailing of course as much as free time allows me... So far We've been pretty busy. Filming every day most of the day, well at least when conditions are really sick...Also the hospitality is great. Kauli Seadi is taking care of us better than in 5star hotel... Cool windsurf center he built over here... The place is super chilled, not much tourism and party time, but whatever... more time for sailing and for focusing on the video stuff. We've done a cool trip already and 2 more are planed, so no time for lazy days :D . Check out the pics and stay tuned for next update ;)

pic by Maria Fernanda Souza
pic by Maria Fernanda Souza

pic by Maria Fernanda Souza

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